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India has proved herself as the IT power house in the last twenty years. Growth is dpminated by IT software & services such as Custom Application Development and Maintainance, System Integration, IT Consulting, Application Developmet & Management, sftware testing, Service oriented architecture and internet based services. For IT services, the world is coming to India. According to NASSCOM, the Indian IT industry generated revenue of US $ 49-50 billion in 2007-08 at a growth rate of 24-27%. Incidentally, the Indian IT industry is growing far ahead of the global industry, which is growing at an average arte of 10% per year.

In 2006-07, software & services exports grew by 33% to register a revenue of US $ 31.4 billion, whereas the domestic segment grew by 23% to US $ 8.2 billion. Within exports, IT services touched US $ 18 billion, a growth of 35.5%. TCS, INFOSYS and WIPRO maintained their position as the top 3 exporters in the NASSCOM top 20 IT software & services exporters rankings. Indian companies continue to spread and position their presence at foreign locations.


Indian IT scene : Today & Tomorrow

* Indian export of IT software & services from the top - 10 firms crossed US$ 15 billion mark in 2006-07. The top three companies TCS, INFOSYS and WIPRO generated a revenue of US$ 8.7 billion approximately.

** Small & Medium enterprises (SMEs) in India are set to spend over US$ 8 billion in 2007-08 to fabricate their IT Infrastructure, which is 24% higher as compared with the previou years US$ 6.5 billion, according to a study by ACCESS Markets International (AMI) Partners.

*** Top Indian companies spend US$ 1.58 billion on IT systems in 2006-07, a growth of 27% over the previous year, with public sector Units (PSUs) forming a major part of the 50 spenders, according to a survey.

**** The Indian IT industry continues to be amongst the largest employer, directly employing more than 1.6 million and indirectly creating employment opportunities for an additional 6 million people in related industries.

The DDE Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, has designed the academic programmes to cover the knowledge needs of students at Diploma, UG and PG level. All the programmes cover the entire spectrum and modern tools of IT fileld. The faculty at Distance Education Study Centre (DESC) are putting their serious effort to produce IT professionals of high calliber.


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The Agricultural Institute was established under the leadership of Dr. Sam Higginbottom, in 1910, as an ecumenical Institution of the Christian Churches and Church organizations in India. In order to obtain more academic freedom and to strengthen the specialized programmes of Teaching, Research and Extension a proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India by the Director, Dr. Rajendra B. Lal on the 31st of August 1994, that the Institute be granted the status of a Deemed University. In 1997 a team of experts from ICAR and UGC visited the Institute and gave their recommendation that the Institute be declared as a Deemed University, as it had all the potentials of a University. On the 15th of March 2000, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Honable Minister of HRD, Govt. of India, gave his approval to the recommendations of the UGC.