Master of Arts - M. A.

Master of Arts - M. A.

Programme Objective

This programme has been developed for graduates to gain more proficiency and expertise knowledge and skills of a particular subject, thus helping them excell in the subject of their choice. The programme offered in English & Hindi medium both.

Eligibility : Graduate in respective subject.
Minimum Duration : 2 years.
Maximum Duration : 4 years.

Minimum On-line Counselling : It is based on credits and one credit amounts to 10 hours counselling and hand-on expertise at OLFC.

Admission Includes :

1. Registration Fee : Rs. 750/- at the time of Admission only

2. Programme Fee : MA -Rs 5,000/- per year

3. Examination Fee : Rs. 900/- for each year

Examination : University will conduct examination annually in the month of June.

Re-Registration Includes :

1. Re-Registration Fee : Rs.250/-

2. Programme Fee : As mentioned above.

3. Examination Fee : Rs. 900/-

Time of Re-Registration : Before start of 2nd & 3rd year.

Hindi English Economics
Political Science Philosophy Sociology
Public Adm. Ancient History Medieval
Modern History Education Mathematics

Admission Open

Welcome to SHUATS

The Agricultural Institute was established under the leadership of Dr. Sam Higginbottom, in 1910, as an ecumenical Institution of the Christian Churches and Church organizations in India. In order to obtain more academic freedom and to strengthen the specialized programmes of Teaching, Research and Extension a proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India by the Director, Dr. Rajendra B. Lal on the 31st of August 1994, that the Institute be granted the status of a Deemed University. In 1997 a team of experts from ICAR and UGC visited the Institute and gave their recommendation that the Institute be declared as a Deemed University, as it had all the potentials of a University. On the 15th of March 2000, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Honable Minister of HRD, Govt. of India, gave his approval to the recommendations of the UGC.